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Volume 9, 2016
Linguistic Justice, van Parijs, and Esperanto
Federico GOBBO
Acta Universitatis Sapientiae, European and Regional Studies, Vol. 9 (2016) 55−61
Volume 9, 2016
Linguistic Justice Scrutinized , Philippe VAN PARIJS Linguistic Justice for which Demos? The Democratic Legitimacy ofLanguage Regime Choices , Núria GARCIA Why Should We Prevent a Global Anglo-American Life-World?A Democratic-Deliberative Answer , Sergi MORALES-GÁLVEZ English and the Brain Drain: an Uncertain Relationship, Christopher HOUTKAMP Does Global English Support the Development of Social Europe?, László MARÁCZ Linguistic Justice and Endangered Languages, Reinier SALVERDA On Linguistic Abilities, Multilingualism, and Linguistic Justice , Gabriele IANNÀCCARO, Vittorio DELL'AQUILA Linguistic Justice, van Parijs, and Esperanto , Federico GOBBO Maxi-Min Language Use A Critical Remark on a Conceptby Philippe van Parijs, Jan KRUSE English-Only Language Policy: The Road to Provincialism?, Bengt-Arne WICKSTRÖM Linguistic Justice Requires an Artifiial Language: a Commenton van Parijs, Jaap MAAT Linguistic Justice and English as a Lingua Franca from a MinorityPerspective – The Case of Hungarians in Transylvania –, Zsombor CSATA Phenomena of Linguistic Interference in Old Hungarian Texts, Emese FAZAKAS Methodological Issues in Monitoring the Hungarian AudiovisualMedia in Romania, Rita PLETL Freedom of Language A Review of the Volume György Andrássy: Freedom of Language: A Universal Human Right to Be Universally Recognized, Noémi NAGY Name Geography beyond Borders A Review of the Volume FerencVörös (ed.) From Linguistic Geography to Name Geography, Barna BODÓ Inside covers in PDF, Front pages in PDF,


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