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Scientia Publishing House

As a scientific publisher, Scientia issues its publications in several languages: Hungarian, Romanian, English, and other languages of international circulation. Scientia Publishing House produces both printed and electronic publications (e-books) provided with ISBN or ISSN codes and is peer-reviewed by experts in the field. All books include tables of contents and abstracts in three languages (Hungarian, Romanian, and English).

As an academic publisher, the issues of Scientia Publishing House cover 6 areas of science: humanities, social sciences, economics and law, natural sciences, engineering sciences, and medical sciences. The books are published as part of the following series: Sapientia Books, University Textbooks, Lecture Notes, and Workshops (Conference Proceedings).

Scientia Publishing House issues the English-language scientific journal Acta Universitatis Sapientiae. Established in 2008, the academic journal has 12 series, as follows: Mathematica, Informatica, Alimentaria, Film and Media Studies, Communicatio, Economics and Business, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Social Analysis, European and Regional Studies, Legal Studies, Agriculture and Environment, and Philologica. The above-listed series are included in a total of 61 different international databases. The year 2013 marks the start of a collaboration in the framework of which the university journal is co-published with De Gruyter/Sciendo publishing company.


Sapientia EMTE

The Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania is the independent university of the Hungarian community in Romania, which aims at providing education to the members of our community and performing scientific research on a high professional level. 


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